Here is an interesting discussion point made by the film…

“So to get ahead, you need to predict where prices are going. Right? Wrong!”

As the film states, trying to predict the Market prices brings unnecessary anxiety and risk.   Through the years, I have experienced conversations with  clients who are very anxious about Market fluctuations.  In these conversations I am able to explore raw emotions, pinpoint their anxieties, reeducate and reassure clients about how the Market works, and reaffirm their steadfastness to their Financial Plan so that they may weather Market fluctuations with financial confidence.   As the film assures… “Together let’s put the power of the market to work for you.”

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And as always, remember…

Live within your means.
Reduce debt and avoid debt usage.
Build an opportunity fund.
Establish long-term saving and spending goals.
Stay diversified.
Give generously!