IMG_3132 On a more personal note, here is an article written by my wife and me about how we navigate opportunity. Over the years we have taken many wonderful opportunities to help us meet our life plan, but how we avoided poor opportunities is a practice that took discernment, experience, good counsel, and discipline, along with a healthy dose of communication. One of the keys to knowing when to take an opportunity is to first establish a Life Plan. We hope you enjoy the following article and as we open our life to you. If you have found the information helpful, please feel free to share the PDF link with your friends and family.

“The bright and shiny flyer appeared in the mail offering early bird rates for The Washington Nationals’ season tickets. Prices, seat locations, and package deals were explained in exciting detail. We were in! …”

To read the entire article, click this link->  The-Opportunity-Conundrum

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