Welcome to the next installment in our series of Joss Financial Group’s EB Investing Insights: Return Factors That Impact Your Portfolio.

In our last piece, Constituting Evidence-Based Investing we explored what we mean by “evidence-based investing.” Grounding your investment strategy in rational methodology gives you confidence to stay on course toward your financial goals, as we:

1.     Assess existing factors’ capacities to offer expected returns and diversification benefits

2.     Understand why such factors exist, so we can most effectively apply them

3.     Explore additional factors that may complement our structured approach

What Does the Evidence Indicate?
An accumulation of studies dating back to the 1950s through today has identified three stock market factors that have formed the backbone for evidence-based portfolio construction over the long-run:  Read the entire article here=>  The Issue of Investing: Part 9, Factors of Returns continued: Return Factors That Impact Your Portfolio

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