Here is a summary of all of our Evidence Based Investment Articles.  If you have not read the articles, the summary is a good start.

Evidence Based Investment Summary => The Issue of Investing: Part 13, A Summary


For more details, the list below provides links to all 12 articles.

EB Investment Series
Evidence Based Investing: Introduction
Part 1: Market Pricing, The Markets, The Prices, and You and Me

Part 2: Market Pricing Continued, The White Noise of Daily Market Pricing

Part 3: Market Pricing Continued, Financial Experts and Other Make Believes

Part 4: An Introduction to Diversification

Part 5: Diversification Continued, Diversifiable Market Risk

Part 6: The Issue of Investing: Diversification continued, The More the Merrier (or Smoother)

Part 7: The Issue of Investing, Factors of Returns, What Drives Market Returns?

Part 8: Factors of Returns Continued, Constituting Evidence-Based Investing

Part 9: Factors of Returns Continued: Return Factors that Impact Your Portfolio

Part 10: Factors of Returns Continued, What has EB Investing Done for me Lately?

Part 11: Our Own Worst Investing Enemy

Part 12: Behavioral Biases- Why I Believe I’m Right When I’m Not