A quick read through the first part of the Gospel According to Luke, John the Baptist gives us insight into what a regenerate life looks like. It has a great deal to do with our relationship with money. In fact, the bible has much more to say about money than both prayer and faith.

Starting in Luke 3, verse 10, Crowds that were coming to be baptized asked him, “What then should we do?” in response to John’s preaching to “produce fruit that proves your repentance.”

John’s response was to list off six specifics things people could do to prove our repentance:

  1. Give to others: “The person who has two tunics must share with the person who has none.”
  2. Give to the hungry: “and the person who has food must do likewise.”
  3. Don’t take more than required: “Collect no more than you are required to.”
  4. Don’t extort: “Take money from no one by violence”
  5. Don’t accuse falsely: “or by false accusation”
  6. Be content with your pay: “and be content with your pay.”

I believe these can all be applied to each of us in various ways. The directives John listed off are pretty straight forward.

How do you think your spiritual relationship manifests itself through your use of money? Are you generous? Are you generous enough as the churches in Macedonia? I have several clients that display generosity by giving cars, money, and other necessities to those in need. A couple clients have purchased homes for others. Many give of their time and talent. Several support missionaries and churches throughout the world.

In what ways are you charitable? Are you giving old things away, or new? Do you have a giving plan? If you spend time planning your vacation or retirement, let me encourage you to spend time planning your giving. By doing so, you will store treasure in heaven where no moth destroys. You can give tax efficiently by using a donor advised fund.

Are you content with your pay and living within your means? Do you carry credit card debt? Are you spending more than you are earning? See my 7 part series on the Issue of Debt and consider if you are content with your pay and showing fruit as “proof of your repentance”.

As James, author of the book of James wrote years ago, “So also faith, if it does not have works, is dead being by itself.” 

Since very little is said today in our churches about giving, let me encourage you to begin a bible study using The Treasure Principle. It may change your life–and after life.

Think on these, Dan