Question 1. Why are you retiring and what will you do in retirement? Are you retiring to something? Consider what activities you will retire to.  

Question 2. Do the numbers work? Do the numbers support your lifestyle? If not, you can save more or change your lifestyle.

Question 3. Do you need to clean up your financial situation?  What financial clean-up can you do? Account consolidation? Downsize? 

Question 4. Where are you retiring to? Where are you retiring to? What will life be like there? What things will change?

Question 5. Prepare your portfolio to support your retirement. Is your portfolio ready to support your retirement needs in a way that maximizes risk-adjusted returns and minimizes taxes? Do you know what will change with your finances in retirement?  

Consider: Where do you want to be in retirement? With whom do you want to be? And, what will you be doing?

Be good, Dan