“England voted to exit the European Union in 2016 and other countries could follow suit but advisors and fund managers suggest that now is not the time to abandon investing abroad entirely.” –Juliette Fairley.

In her article about why investing in Europe is still relevant, Juliette  Fairley argues that uncertainty in the world will continue and that your portfolio should contain some amount of international and emerging market equity.

She quotes several advisors that believe:

  • Some international companies are better structured for global growth and are now better valued than their U.S. peers.
  • International small companies stocks have done well and there is no reason they won’t in the future.
  • International holdings, in addition to US holdings, helps diversify your portfolio.
  • “A global approach to equity investment is prudent.” Joss
  • Investing in emerging markets remains prudent. They’ve done very well this year despite no one expecting them to.
  • The new administration in the U.S. will make changes–although know one know what those will be.
  • Regardless of interest rates, commodity prices, or currency movements, a well diversified portfolio should include both U.S. and International equity.

Do good, Dan