the Journey, Part 1
“My work becomes meaningful to me, and I am energized when I work with clients who are inspiring, enthusiastic, positive, charitable, and strive to fulfill their unique and purposeful life goals.” Dan

I placed that quote on my website because it gets to the core of how I feel about helping my clients set and reach their goals.  Part of that is sharing tools I have used myself to achieve my own goals. One of those tools is the MatterFund™, or as some call it an Emergency Fund or Opportunity Fund. I feel the MatterFund is more specific than an Opportunity Fund and more proactive than reactive as implied by an Emergency Fund.

I have written a series of articles defining  MatterFunds and explaining the benefits, uses, and how they fit into my Life Planning clients’ Life Plans and portfolios.

In Part 1, I will discuss  “5 Things Building a MatterFund™ Will do for You”  

Building a MatterFund™ Part 1