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Once you’ve saved a few million dollars, every choice you make can have a much larger impact on your financial future. Sadly, many good people become overwhelmed by the complexity of wealth, and put off key decisions, for fear of making a mistake.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped hundreds of wealthy individuals and families clarify their finances and make a greater impact with their resources.

At Joss Financial Group, we believe everyone should be free to live generously, bless others, and make a difference in the causes they love. It starts with a purpose-driven strategy for your wealth.

Daniel Joss, Founder, Senior Advisor

Daniel Joss, Founder, Senior Advisor

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Imagine making your greatest impact!


We’ll organize all aspects of your financial world into one clear plan, so you can make wise and informed decisions.


Discover the joy and contentment that comes from aligning your financial life with your life’s most important priorities.


Feel settled, knowing your financial house is in order and you’re on a clear plan to a confident tomorrow.

Take the Financial Life Stress Test™
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Families who have more than two million dollars

Widow(er)s finding their “new normal”

Individuals pursuing a career change

Offering financial guidance when it matters most:

  • Personalized and objective advice
  • Custom financial strategies
  • College savings plans
  • Retirement planning
  • 401k, 403b, and 457 plan consulting and management
  • Tax saving strategies
  • Advocate to tax, estate planning, and other counsel
  • Social Security planning
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Ready to get clear about your finances, and make an even greater impact?

“Our kids were growing up fast, and college was on the horizon. Up to this point, I tried to handle things on my own; but now the numbers were much bigger. We needed to get on the same page…”

“My whole world changed so fast. I didn’t want to regret missing something important as I began to make sense of my finances. I needed somebody I could reach out to…”

“After retiring from the service, I felt like I was starting my career all over again. I needed a sense of clarity and direction to help me know I was on the right path.”

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The Joss Financial Group Advantage™

Let’s face it. Wealth can feel complicated and overwhelming at times. Many very good people avoid making important decisions for far too long, and thus pay the consequences, but money doesn’t have to be confusing.

At Joss Financial Group, we’re more than financial advisors. Like you, we’re family members, we’re church volunteers, and we’re committed members of our Williamsburg community. For over 20 years, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals and families clarify their finances and make a greater impact in the world around them.

We’ll help you align all areas of your one financial life into a clear strategy you feel confident following.

You and your loved ones will discover a sense of shared direction and intent through our proven planning process.

Our fee-only model completely frees us to offer completely objective and unbiased advice that is in your best interest. Rest assured, knowing there’s never a hidden agenda in our advice. Ever.

As a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, we believe scripture provides timeless wisdom for those entrusted with wealth. We’ll help you fully integrate your faith and finances to discover lasting joy, contentment, and peace in your financial world.

We’re a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) you can trust to remain completely focused on your best interests. Offering fiduciary services to high-net-worth individuals and families, we’ll help you make wise and informed investment choices along the way.

Live your very best financial life, in three simple steps:

Schedule A Call


In this initial conversation, we’ll help you clarify the questions on your mind as well as give you a sense of our unique approach to financial guidance.


Exploratory Meeting


We’ll organize the many layers of your financial world and help you establish your most meaningful priorities moving forward. You’ll feel a sense of confidence and direction, while getting the advice you need to manage your money, on-purpose.


Make Your Greatest Impact


No matter where life takes you, feel settled knowing you have a plan in place. From day one, we’ll help you make better decisions to benefit the causes and people you love, both today and tomorrow.


How are we different?

You have one life to live. We all do. Deep down, you know you’re called to make your greatest impact with the resources you’ve been entrusted.

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Take the Financial Life Stress Test™
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Mistakes with wealth are quite costly.

Don’t let indecision hold you back from making your greatest impact.

You were made for more.

If you’re ready to live with the true joy, contentment, and satisfaction that
comes from a well ordered financial life, then schedule a call with us today.

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